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10x10  Premium Shade Arbor Kit  $    1,870.97
10X12  Premium Shade Arbor Kit  $    1,973.87
10x16  Premium Shade Arbor Kit  $    2,349.18
10x20  Premium Shade Arbor Kit  $    2,647.52
12x12  Premium Shade Arbor Kit  $    2,082.66
12x16  Premium Shade Arbor Kit  $    2,411.94
12x20  Premium Shade Arbor Kit  $    2,635.44
16x16  Premium Shade Arbor Kit  $    3,288.18
16x20  Premium Shade Arbor Kit  $    3,714.32
20x20  Premium Shade Arbor Kit  $    4,540.61

* All Arbor Kits Include 6"x6"x12' Posts, 2"x12" Beams 2"x6" Joists, 2"x2" Shade Slats, Beam-to-Post Connection Hardware, 3" Screws For Attaching Joists and Shade Slats, and Choice of End-Cut Design.

Arbor Upgrades & Accessories:

Post Upgrade: Upgrade to 8x8 Posts (each)                                                                      $69.72
6x6 Post Anchor Kit: Elevated Post Base with Concrete Wedge Anchor (each)             $53.09
8x8 Post Anchor Kit: Elevated Post Base with Concrete Wedge Anchor (each)           $105.30
Stain: Factory Applied Arbor Stain & Sealer 3 Color Choices (per sq. ft.)                         $2.72
Lattice: Lattice Screening (per sq. ft.)                                                                                    $5.37

An essential part of enjoying any outdoor living environment includes protection from the elements.  Our line of Western Red Cedar Arbors takes this concept to a new level with pre-cut, ready-to-assemble kits.

Built with 100% Western Red Cedar, our arbor kits are unmatched in their design, materials quality, craftsmanship, and ease of installation. With a variety of options to choose from, including Staining, end cut design, stain color, post size, and solid roof materials, creating the perfect retreat from the weather has never been easier - we can even create a custom structure to fit your exact needs.

With Camp Davis Stone & Grass, you always get the best quality materials and highest level of craftsmanship. Our products are hand-made at our yard In Bullard, Texas, not made in an overseas factory, and we stand behind our work 100% of the time. Talk to our sales staff at Camp Davis Stone & Grass in Bullard, TX today about your next outdoor living  project to learn more about how you can experience the outdoors.

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