Tiff Blair
‚ÄčTifBlair Centipede is the product of over 25 years of research and genetic engineering by the turfgrass breeding program at Tifton, Georgia. TifBlair was developed to provide the landscape industry a superior centipede with a patented pedigree.

TifBlair will grow in soil pH levels down to 4.2, giving it a much wider range of application than Common Centipede.  TifBlair is more shade tolerant and has improved cold tolerance. TifBlair's root system is deeper and stronger, 2-3 times larger than Common Centipede and adapts well to dry conditions. TifBlair produces more stolons with more leaves faster and late season color retention is superior to Common Centipede. In tests conducted in Alabama, Oklahoma, and Georgia, TifBlair consistently out-performed the other tested centipede varieties.

With a superior pedigree, TifBlair provides reliable performance and consistency every time. TifBlair is grown and sold under a rigorous set of rules and guidelines designed to promote on-going quality, purity, and uniformity. TifBlair is available only through a select group of qualified, licensed producers.

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